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How to Know if Being in a Book about
Leadership is Right for You

Daniel Sweet - Entrepreneur and Author in the Power of Leadership books. Debbra Sweet - Sweet Marketing Solutions Guru. Ivan Misner Founder of BNI - Business Network International. Ben Gay III - Author of "The Closers" series. John Assaraf - Best Selling Author and expert in "The Secret" Robert Kiyosaki - Best Selling Author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Series
Daniel Sweet
Debbra Sweet
Marketing Guru
Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder of BNI
Ben Gay III
"The Closers"
John Assaraf
Famous Author
Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor Dad

Here are 10 points for you to consider to see if being a contributing
author in the Power of Leadership book series is right for you:

  1. Celebrity Status. Let’s face it. We live in a society that is obsessed with celebrities. People willingly spend their money on anyone or anything they deem to be a celebrity. This is why celebrity endorsements are so important in selling products. When you become a contributing author in one of my books, you get instant Celebrity Status. People look and treat you differently (better).

  2. Massive Exposure. If your story, name, picture and contact information were in front of 100’s of Thousands of people who are in your target market, do you think that would increase your business? What would that kind of exposure be worth to you? The Power of Leadership books are sold on, in Barnes & Noble stores and other fine retail stores. The books are also being sold by the many other authors in the books on their web sites, to their clients and at their public speaking engagements. The exposure you get in these books go farther, wider and deeper than you can ever reach by yourself.

  3. Publishing success is found on the Power of Leadership Author Team.
    Power of Association. Perhaps the masses have not yet heard of you or me, but they know national speakers, writers and famous business professionals like Dr. Ivan Misner, Ben Gay III and Edward R. Mercer. When people see you co-authoring a book with these powerful celebrities, they associate you with them.

  4. Credibility. Once you become a published author, you become an expert in the minds of people. Now you combine this with the power of association with celebrities and your credibility is instantly established. Who would not want to do business with you?

  5. Business Card on Steroids. People throw away business cards and brochures, no matter how fancy they are. But they will not throw away a book! They will keep that book, read it and re-read it. Your information is right there in front of them all the time. If they don’t want the book anymore, they will give it someone who does. Talk about a business card with power!

  6. The Power of First Impression. How many of you competitors are sending their prospects a book that they co-authored with other nationally known leaders? Talk about impressing your future clients; you will blow their socks off!

  7. Easy to Get Published. We make the process as easy as possible. All you do is write a chapter of 1500 words. We do all the editing, polishing, graphic arts, promotions and arrange for the printing.

  8. Profit Center. Now you have a branded product you own that will earn you a 70% profit margin. Our books are of the highest quality and the content is so good they are a stand alone product. What this means is someone would buy this book in a bookstore or on the internet because of its quality. Unlike the measly pennies on the dollar you might get in royalties from other publishers, you can make up to $17.00 or more in profit for every Power of Leadership book you sell!

  9. Increased Business. We know of an author who landed a $10,000 speaking gig because an event planner read her chapter and was so impressed she was booked for a major event. Another author got a $8,275 consulting contract because of someone reading his chapter. The volume of increased business that many of our contributing authors are experiencing is incredible.

  10. We Do the Publishing Work. As a commercial publisher, we perform all of the editing, book formatting and layout, book cover design etc. The printed books retail for $24.95 and you share in the profits by getting $14.97 or more for every one of your copies sold. This is a team venture. This is the best publishing and promotional package you will ever find!
Publishing deal with authors writing books for Power of Leadership Book Series.

* Bonus Reason: Bragging Rights. You can be on the cover enjoying top billing over the celebrities. Imagine your name and picture appearing on the cover with you as the featured contributing author. That can easily be your reality!

Let me ask you, “Do you believe that massive exposure to a targeted market and leveraging yourself in a position that you competitors cannot touch could help you explode your business, income and profits?”

If you answered yes, then being a contributing author in The Power of Leadership Book Series is right for you. Top this off with the fact that this type of dynamic marketing does not cost you, but pays you from the profits you get selling some of your books... it just does not get any better than this.

Well there you go; honest and open facts for you to consider. Whatever you do, we are here to help and support your dreams and goals.

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