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Do you have a book, CD, Coaching Program, DVD, Product or Service you want to promote to a target market in the personal / business development industry? As you know, even in this economy, personal and business development products, which range from books to health products is a 11 billion dollar industry.

There is a product catalog in the back of the newest upcoming Power of Leadership book featuring some of the top products and programs from Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ben Gay III, Debbra Sweet and a host of other top name people. These people and many others sell millions of dollars a year worth of products in catalogs just like this one.

Now is your chance to get your product in the same catalog with these international leaders reaching a target market of over 50,000 people each searching for solutions.

Here's What You Are Getting in the
Power of Leadership Product Catalog

  • A thumbnail image up to 2 " x 2 " square (you, your product, company logo... your choice)
  • Your headline and ad copy
  • Call to action and contact/order info
  • Total content up to 150 words
  • Ad size equals approximately 1/2 page in book

Ads submitted larger than the character limits above may be truncated at publishers discretion. Space is limited. First come first serve. One time price per ad listing is $97.00.

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Remember, the 3 Keys to Success in Business and Sales is:

  1. Massive exposure to the right market
  2. Credibility through association
  3. Establishing your name through branding

The only way your economy is going to get better is by getting more customers and selling more products... and those two things are the by-products, results and effects of the above 3 principles; Massive Exposure, Credibility and Branding Your Name.

After payment is complete, send your ad plus image (any image size will do, I'll adjust to fit) to support@ and you are all set. If you have any questions or comments please contact me personally.

Daniel Sweet, Author and CEO of Pro Publishing Company Power of Leadership Book Series   To your success,
  Pro Publishing Company


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