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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What are the costs involved?"
There's no purchase necessary to submit your chapter for consideration and there's no obligation to be published if you change your mind prior to printing. If you wish to participate in the joint venture publishing and receive printed books for promoting your business and/or selling for a profit, then select one of the packages below or send us an email telling us how many you want.

Recommended First Order of Books (Prior to publication release date):

  • Cover Package 150: You in the book with your name and photo on the cover. Minimum first pre-order is 150 books: $1497.00 (free shipping inside USA)
  • Standard 100: You in the book but not on the cover. Minimum first pre-order is 100 books $998.00 (free shipping inside USA)
  • Order by Phone: Call Customer Support at 760-727-0451 or send an email request to support@

Flex-Pay Option: (Flex-Pay Option only available if payment in full can be rendered prior to closing date.) Split payment of any one order into 3 equal installment payments over 3 consecutive months. You may pay using check, credit card or debit card via automatic billing. Books will be shipped (post publication) in the quantity for which payment is received.

"Do I have to pay or buy books to be published?"
There's no purchase necessary but since this is a joint venture opportunity each author is agreeing to share in the costs involved in publishing. Pro Publishing Company is doing all of the hard work for you for free. We are looking for strong team players so there is no guarantee that you will be published without showing good faith in agreeing to share costs with the team of authors.

"Do I get any royalties?"
No, you get something better. You get to keep 100% of the profits from all the books that you sell. Instead of earning mere cents on the dollar with a tiny royalty you get to make $14.97 or more for each book you sell. This is virtually unheard of in the publishing industry! Accepting royalties is like stepping over hundred dollar bills to pick up dimes!

"Why should I pay you when I can just self publish of find a traditional publisher?"
When you self publish you have to learn it all, do it all and pay for it all. With us you are only sharing in the costs of publishing, nothing else. If you want to go with traditional publishing then you get an agent and they shop your script. You might get an advance, but you probably won't. If you are not already famous then they don't want you. If they do, then your agent gets most of the money, not you.

"So how is Pro Publishing Company different from other publishers?"
Pro Publishing Company does Independent Trade Publishing, Contract Publishing & Alternative Media. We have developed an amazing program bringing an effective alternative to individuals who want to publish a book. We take you through the publishing process, teach you how to market and sell your books and how to use your book as a business lead generating tool. If you become an author in the Power of Leadership book series, we manage all the costs of editing, book formatting and layout, book cover design professional marketing materials and tele-classes teaching you how to be successful with your books. The book retails for $24.95 and you can share in the profits getting $14.97 or more for every one of your copies sold.

"How do I make money with my Power of Leadership books?"
There are 3 really good ways:

1) Retail your books and pocket $15 or more for each book you sell. This works great for public speakers at live events where they can sell 25-100 at a time. Not big money, but a nice additional income stream.
2) Use your books as marketing tools for media leverage. Get massive exposure for free in magazines, newspaper and on TV. Exposure = Customers = Increased Sales
3) Use your books to impressive the right people for opening doors of opportunity that might not have been available to you before. Better Business Opportunities = Higher Ticket Sales.

"Tell me more about how how the Power of Leadership Team works."
Being in this book is like being on a softball team. Every team member must pull his/her own weight contributing their own unique skills and efforts to the benefit and victory of the entire team. What if one person wanted to join the team, wear the jersey, take advantage of what the team produces and be taking full credit for the team's victory but refused to participate or play in any of the games? What if only 5 out of 30 team members played? Do you think that would be a winning team? Of course not. There are no bench warmers allowed on Team POL! That is why the suggested minimum purchase for your first order is only 100 books. If you are unable or unwilling to purchase and distribute a mere 100 books for building your business then maybe this opportunity is not a good fit for you at this time.

"How do you teach authors to market and grow their business with a book?"
We teach you how to use your book as a door opener to get recognized in the media and get contacts with companies that you want to do business with. You can sell your book for $25 or you can use the book as an introduction tool and get a consulting contract with a company for $25,000. Which would you rather do?

There are several ways that a book can benefit you all through your life. You keep the title of author all of your life. Think about giving someone a business card and how that card gets put away in a drawer or in the trash but where do you put a book? It goes on the book shelf. We have been told stories about people wanting a speaker and that had their book at their desk with the contact information handy and their hired the person in the book. Everyone is looking for a competitive edge or a way to set themselves apart in their industry. A Power of Leadership book sets you apart from your peers.

"What is the Power of Leadership series all about?"
The creator of this series believes there is a severe lack of leadership skills prevalent in society and in the world today. It starts with government and trickles down to the family unit. This lack of quality leadership is the cause of most strife and unrest in the world today. As leaders are growing ever weaker in their leadership skills, the youth of today grow up to be weak in leadership skills themselves. This has an ever downward spiraling impact on the way government and business operates and how adults raise their children. Instead of complaining about the way things are, the creator of this series, Daniel Sweet, decided to do something about it. Thus the Power of Leadership series was born to educate and motivate people for rising up from where they are today and becoming stronger leaders in their role as parents, in their jobs and in their businesses for greater health, wealth and prosperity.

"How do I use my book to get free publicity?"
Your book can be used as a marketing tool for media leverage. It operates a concept called VCP™ - Visibility, Credibility and Profitability. This means when you have increased visibility in your market place then increased credibility soon follows. As you gain more credibility, that leads to more opportunity for profit to come your way. By being a published author you have reason to become more visible in the media and you gain instant credibility by your presence in newspapers, magazines, online, on the radio and on TV.

"How does writing a book apply to me and my business?"
Just about any business or service would benefit when its owner is a published author. Once people find out that you're a published author, it really changes their perception of you. The book gives you tremendous credibility which is a powerful secret to success and greater profitability. Being an author can be used to your advantage in so many different ways other than the obvious one of book sales. When you designate yourself in print as an expert, others will begin to regard you as such. You can use this prominent title to optimize your marketing efforts, position yourself to network with other experts in your field and parlay all that into more sales income.

"I don't own a business, I have a job. I don't need free publicity I need to make more money. How can this work for me?"
Here's an example: Joe Smith is a low level sales manager for a large national corporation. He wants advancement, and the pay raise that accompanies it but doesn't have the college education required or the work history experience. So, Joe decides to write a chapter in a book about leadership and his role as a sales manager. After it's published he gives a copy to his managers. They take notice, are impressed and up the corporate ladder he climbs. If you are looking for a new job, imagine how impressed the hiring agent will be when you are including your book along with your resume.

"Will the Power of Leadership books be available in bookstores?"
Yes, the books will be for sale our own web site and on Depending on your efforts as well as the other authors, this book title can appear in various local and major chain bookstores and in other unique distribution avenues such as schools, libraries and even online bookstores like the power house Barnes & Noble.


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